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University of Colorado Boulder leaders will host three webinars in January to address campus priorities for the coming year, including diversity, coronavirus and campus finances.

Chancellor Phil DiStefano announced the sessions in a “State of the Campus” address posted by the university Tuesday.

“We’ll explore how CU is working to break down silos, better use data and rededicate ourselves not just to our individual agendas, but to the needs of our students, faculty and staff, and the greater CU community,” DiStefano said.

DiStefano praised the efforts of the campus community over the past year.

“In short, we stress-tested the very foundation of CU Boulder and discovered a new layer of resilience, empathy and unity,” he said.

The session on diversity, equity and inclusion will be Jan. 21 and will include discussion of specific areas of improvement and a timeline for implementation.

The session on building a coronavirus-ready campus will be Jan. 25 and will include discussions on challenges facing students, meeting community needs and emerging from the pandemic stronger.

The session on fiscal resiliency will be Feb. 8 and will include discussions on budget and fiscal uncertainties and what the university is doing to protect its community.

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