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Boulder City Council on Tuesday approved an $875,000 settlement with Christopher Mahan, who was injured after being tased by a Boulder police officer in March 2019.

Mahan was tased by Officer Benjamin Rappold after Mahan reportedly got into the wrong Lyft while intoxicated. He ran from the police after Rappold removed him from the car and attempted to handcuff him, according to court documents. The documents note that Boulder’s Taser policy does not justify using a Taser for the “mere act of fleeing from officers.”

Mahan had multiple fractured vertebrae and broken facial bones and continues to be in pain because of the incident. Additionally, his medical expenses cost about $585,000, and he lost income because he could not work, the documents state.

The settlement was approved on the consent agenda so there was no discussion about it. In the staff memo, city officials note that it would be better to settle given the unpredictability of taking the case to trial.

“Given the projected costs of litigation, the city attorney believes that it is unlikely that the city will be in a significantly better economic position by litigating the case as compared to approving the proposed settlement agreement,” the memo reads.

Of the $875,000 settlement, $500,000 will come from the city’s property and casualty fund, which is designated to pay claims and settle cases. The rest will be paid by Berkley Public Entity, Boulder’s excess insurance carrier.

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