Letters to the editor: Protect reservoir; support for Afghanistan; don’t leave trash for bears; 30-year power plan not enough; vaccines reduce symptoms; fly all flags


Ellen Stark: Boulder Reservoir: Rez is worth of protection

I am not a neighbor of the Boulder Reservoir, but I am a longtime Boulder resident who loves to visit the rez and have treasured it for many years. I love its beauty, the presence of so many birds and the solace I find by its waters.

I don’t think it’s a wise decision to open a restaurant there that has a liquor license and expanded hours. To me, that is not what the rez is all about.

It is a community jewel for walkers, paddlers of all kinds, swimmers, beach lovers, nature lovers and bird watchers.

There are many restaurants in Boulder of all manner of variety, but there’s only one reservoir. It should be valued and protected so that all of us may continue to enjoy it for what it uniquely offers.

Ellen Stark


H. Paul Zeiger: Afghanistan: Other ways to support country

As I understand President Joe Biden’s options as the United States withdraws from Afghanistan, military personnel are not to be sent to Afghanistan.

But other forms of help to our friends there are permitted, for example:

Satellite observations

Intermediate range ballistic missiles

Cyber/electronic warfare, all forms

Robotic warfare, including drones

And more that we do not know about.

All of these can be employed without setting an American foot on the ground.

H. Paul Zeiger, Ph.D. 


Naomi Rachel: Notorious bear: Stop leaving your trash out

The bear with his head in a plastic bucket passed by our property.

Residents in the area were very upset — but some of them are the same people who repeatedly leave their trash out in plastic bags for pickup.

There has been a concerted effort to educate people with signs and notes, but with little effect.

So cry on and leave out your trash, and win the Hypocrite of Four Mile Canyon Award.

Naomi Rachel


Richard Ehret: Boulder City Council: 30-year power plan not good enough

The wisdom of Haven Gillespie in his song “The Lucky Old Sun” says, “That lucky old sun got nothin’ to do, but roll around heaven all day.”

But that lucky old sun provides the opportunity for people to work, to grow vegetables.

In the past, people worked and planned and got things done. As a result, they developed expertise. Today it seems our leaders seem to have lost the ability to come up with new ideas. They are still dependent on the knowledge and skills of generations past. It seems our forebears were the only ones who could come up with new ideas.

So now, in Boulder, we have this City Council who has decided they have nothing to do. They are sitting on their hands and doing nothing. In particular, they have developed a 30- year plan for electricity for Boulder.

A 30-year plan is not good enough. In the East, they are actively engaged in providing fossil-free electricity to everyone. Our City Council should be finding out how they have been able to do this in the East, and bring these ideas to Boulder. If they don’t do something now, we could have sprawling growth with an ever-increasing dependence on fossil-fueled electricity.

Our City Council doesn’t know how to handle our electricity and seems to be afraid to ask questions and talk to others who know how to do it. We need to hire new people, engineers who know how to manage our electricity demand and move us forward.

In the past, we built aquifers that provided much-needed water for a growing community and also created jobs. Our current electricity demands offer another opportunity for this.

We can’t just wait 30 years for this to happen. We need to start this now!

Richard Ehret


Sue Winthrop: Coronavirus: Vaccines reduce COVID-19 symptoms

In the last month my Coronavirus Case Investigation team and I have been noticing that severe COVID-19 infections among unvaccinated people seem to be the norm.

I have talked to several people who have family members in ICU. Their recovery is touch and go. They may not make it. One mother answered the phone while in the ER. Her 15-year-old daughter was having difficulty breathing due to COVID.

If you have had COVID, you could test positive up until 90 days after the original infection. After 90 days it is considered a reinfection. People who have had COVID need to get vaccinated.

I just don’t get it? People will put their lives and the lives of others at risk because of anti- vaccine misinformation. They will take their chances with the unpredictability of COVID instead of the general predictability of the vaccines. They will chance having longterm health issues after having COVID. These health issues could include the loss of smell and taste, heart and lung issues, brain fog, blood clots, extreme fatigue and many more. These health issues could go on for months.

The bottom line is that all the vaccines against COVID are safe and effective at preventing severe COVID symptoms, hospitalization and death. The usual minor side effects after the vaccines is exactly what is supposed to happen. Severe side effects from the vaccines are rare.

The small percentage of people who I talk to who have been vaccinated and get COVID have been thrilled that they have mild symptoms or not any symptoms. It seems to me that to protect yourself and others the best decision would be to get vaccinated.

Sue Winthrop


Justin Deister: Pride Month: Fly everyone’s flag or fly none

During the month of June, the Louisville City Council singled out an organization and allowed them to fly hundreds of their flags on Louisville public property, that we all pay taxes for.

As a misguided effort in inclusivity, it obviously excluded all others, as well as it agitated and created animosity among residents where there was very little before.

It is clear now, that to remain unbiased, fair and diverse in regard to public property and taxes, we need to fly everyone’s flags, or none at all.

Justin Deister