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Wildlife officers were able to locate a bear that had been roaming Boulder County for at least a week with a chicken feeder stuck on its head and free the animal.

Drew McConaughy was having lunch outside Tuesday at his home on Fourmile Canyon Road when he and his neighbors heard a crashing sound. When they went to investigate, they found the bear.

“I’d been aware that there was a little bear running around with a bucket on its head, and then we saw it was that bear,” McConaughy said.

McConaughy and his neighbors were able to keep the bear up in a tree and called wildlife officials.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Jason Clay said officers were able to respond in time and tranquilize the bear and cut the feeder off. Colorado Parks and Wildlife posted a video of the rescue on Twitter.

Clay said the bear was first spotted with the bucket on its head on July 6, so the bear had been stuck for at least a week.

Luckily, Clay said there were no wounds or sores from the feeder. The bear, a yearling female, was a bit thin, likely due to the feeder making it difficult for the bear to eat, but Clay said it was in good health otherwise.

McConaughy said the bear looked uncomfortable with the head gear, so he was glad to see it get some help.

“It was in serious distress in the tree trying to get it off, so I’m glad everything worked out well,” he said.

After the feed bucket was removed, Clay said officers hazed the bear as it woke up and took off.

McConaughy said he believes the same bear broke into his living room several weeks ago.

“I’m sure she’ll be around,” he said. “We do live in bear country, so I’m sure we’ll see another visit from her at some point.”

But after its experience with the bucket and her capture and release, McConaughy hopes the bear will at least keep her nose out of trouble in the future.

“I think she was anxious to get out of there,” McConaughy said. “Hopefully she learned her lesson.”