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Conner Lee Shaver (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office / Courtesy photo)

A jury has been sworn in for the trial of a former University of Colorado Boulder student accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting another student while she slept.

Conner Lee Shaver, 23, is charged with three counts of sexual assault.

Attorneys were able to get through jury selection and opening arguments Monday afternoon, with testimony expected to begin Tuesday.

The trial is scheduled to last seven days.

He remains out of custody on a $20,000 personal recognizance bond.

According to an arrest affidavit, Shaver and the named victim met through CU Boulder about three years ago, and had had consensual sex in the past.

The woman told Boulder police she stayed with Shaver on July 4, 2019, and drank alcohol and smoked marijuana before going to sleep in her underwear. She said she woke up the next morning naked and was sore and noticed signs she had had sex even though she did not remember it. The woman also told police Shaver was naked next to her when she woke up.

The next day, the woman said the same thing happened, and at this point she became suspicious Shaver was having sex with her while she was asleep.

On July 7, 2019, the woman told police she did not drink or smoke, and went to sleep in her underwear next to Shaver after telling him she did not want to have sex. This time, the woman told police she woke up in the middle of the night naked to Shaver having sex with her, though she did not immediately confront him.

The next morning, the woman said Shaver asked her how she slept and she lied and told him she slept through the night. Shaver did not bring up the overnight incident.

According to the affidavit, the woman and Shaver exchanged texts about the alleged incidents, with Shaver sending a text reading, “I had sex with you, I only did it because I though (sic) you said you have my consent.”

The woman told police she never gave Shaver permission to have sex with her while she was sleeping.

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