Boulder has received an application for the lethal control of prairie dogs in the city and is asking the public for assistance in finding possible relocation alternatives.

Aside from confirming the application for lethal control is located in the city, Boulder officials would not confirm the specific location of the site. Boulder revised code states that the city can only make certain pieces of information public during the public comment period, and the specific location of a site for lethal control is not included in that.

Instead, it’s looking for potential relocation sites for approximately 110 prairie dogs on about 7 acres of land, Senior Urban Wildlife Conservation Coordinator Val Matheson wrote in an email.

“At this point of processing a Prairie Dog Lethal Control Permit application, we are trying to ensure that there are not available relocation opportunities that we are not aware of,” Matheson wrote. “The location of the current prairie dog colony within the City of Boulder should not impact knowledge of potential relocation alternatives.”

The 60-day comment period, in which Boulder will be exploring relocation opportunities, began Monday and ends at 5 p.m. March 10.

Those with information on a potential relocation site should contact Matheson at MathesonV@BoulderColorado.Gov or 303-441-3004.