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The Mile High Flood District is collaborating with Boulder on two projects along Boulder Creek.

First, renovations will be made west of Eben G. Fine Park, located below Boulder Canyon Drive where pedestrians walk and kayakers enter the water. The project aims to manage erosion and improve the concrete path.

Scheduled to start March 21 and last about a week, the Boulder Creek Path will be closed periodically during construction.

For the second project, the Mile High Flood District will be mending bridge supports for 28th Street and 28th Street Frontage Road by Boulder Creek. The supports will be grouted to extend the life of the supports and the bridge.

The grouting is expected to start the third week of March and go on for two or three days.

Construction equipment will be staged along 28th Street Frontage Road with one lane closed. Boulder Creek Path will not be impacted by the construction.