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Joseph La Camera Jr.: Facing change: Learning to accept ourselves takes courage

Mark Twain said, “ Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear.”

After my wife died of cancer, a little over three years ago, I experienced the many emotions of loss and anxiety associated with grief. Fortunately, I have many friends and family, whom I love. They look after me in many different ways. For that, I am very grateful.

A few months after my wife died, my daughter asked me, “ Dad, what are you going to do after I finish all that I have to do for Deanna? I responded by saying, “I will continue to do what I always have done.”

“And what is that,” she asked? I said, “I will be active, exercise, travel and try to be productive.”

In many ways, the coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to adapt to many changes that we did not see coming in daily life or in personal relationships.

In his 1961 book “On Becoming a Person,” Carl Rogers encourages us to stop focusing our energy on trying to improve ourselves and simply learn to accept who we are, flaws and all. This allows us to achieve personal growth and change.

With everything that is happening in this world, it seems reasonable to see why many people feel powerless and afraid.

Jesse Jackson says, “We must turn to each other and not on each other.”

For me, a little humor goes a long way. I may be 85, but inside I’m a 7-year-old just ready to jump out.

Since I had to give up my car last year, I purchased a four-wheel red scooter that I ride on Boulder’s many bike paths.

Now, that takes courage!

Joseph La Camera Jr.


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