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Isaac Furtney: Water: How can we save Thunderbird Lake?

Lakes are supposed to be wet.

Unfortunately, over 80% of Colorado is considered to be experiencing moderate drought. This is characterized by such problems as little food for grazing animals to sustain themselves on, dryland crops struggling and of course, an increase in wildfires, which Boulder County has become all too familiar with over the last several years.

Now, we can argue about the cause, but the effects are undeniable.

Admiral Arleigh A. Burke Park, at 490 Mohawk Drive in South Boulder, directly west of Frasier Meadows retirement community and directly north of Horizons Montessori K-8, is home to the now-underwhelming Thunderbird Lake.

Remarkably, the lake’s wildlife has shown its resiliency despite the increasingly drastic conditions. Canada geese, various ducks, great blue herons, red-winged blackbirds and many other species that use the lake as a place to sing, feed and raise their young, still do so.

Thunderbird Lake has been appreciated by Boulder residents young and old for years. It has overcome issues before —  e.g., a population explosion of koi fish, with the help of the community and the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department.

Unfortunately, Thunderbird Lake now seems more like Thunderbird Marsh. Apparently, there aren’t any plans to rejuvenate the lake as a habitat for wildlife and an oasis of nature for residents of Boulder. I’m no geologist — or biologist, for that matter — but surely something must be done about this. The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department may be reached at 303-413-7200.

Once we have consulted the experts on appropriate and practical measures to take to save the heart of the park, we as a community must spur on our public servants to act urgently and accordingly, before the water grows so shallow that ducks can no longer swim. Let’s honor the admiral’s memory.

Isaac Furtney


Allyn Feinberg: Election: PLAN-Boulder endorses Stolzmann

PLAN-Boulder County endorses Ashley Stolzmann for Boulder County Commissioner in the Democratic primary. Ashley has broad experience covering issues important to Boulder County residents, including climate change, housing, disaster response and transportation. Ashley has been a member of the Louisville City Council for 10 years, serving as mayor since 2019. She is probably best known recently for the exceptional leadership she has provided to everyone affected by the Marshall Fire.

Ashley’s extensive experience as an elected official will allow her to be an outstanding County Commissioner immediately. She has a clear vision for how Boulder County can play a significant role in bringing together the county cities, nonprofits, businesses and citizens to find solutions to the ongoing issues of housing affordability and homelessness, better transportation infrastructure and service, disaster preparedness and response, and protection of the environment.

Boulder County needs Ashley’s intelligence, problem-solving capability, common sense, genuine caring and proven leadership qualities to help us address the challenges that the county faces. Please vote for Ashley Stolzmann, Democrat for Boulder County Commissioner. All registered voters should have received a ballot packet in the mail and completed ballots must be returned by June 28.

Allyn Feinberg

co-chair of PLAN-Boulder County


Deb Gardner: Election: Support for Elaina Shively

I am thrilled to support Elaina Shively for the office of Boulder County Commissioner. As a former commissioner myself, I am acutely aware of the critical issues facing our county. I have worked with both candidates in this election, and I believe only Elaina has the skill set to lead effectively. She will listen to the public and to subject matter experts at Boulder County and beyond. She will work collaboratively with the other two commissioners, staff and the public to develop community centered solutions.

Solutions for issues such as environmental protection, climate action, community safety and justice reform — Elaina’s priorities — need systemic change that can only come from building coalitions at all levels of government and engaging with the public in a meaningful way. That is the role of a county commissioner, and working with Elaina, I have seen her do this effectively time and again.

Her background in meaningful systems change is rooted in identifying and addressing inequities with disproportionate impacts, so that everybody has the chance to thrive in Boulder County. She will listen, collaborate and lead. Please join me in voting for Elaina Shively with your June primary ballot.

Deb Gardner


Maureen Christopher: Election: David Hayes is a class act

This is not information that would ever be on a resume or on an official information page of David Hayes. This is a true story.

We knew Dave through St. Louis School and church and other high school activities. My late husband, Coach Dick Christopher, had been the Fairview head football coach and also head baseball coach. He touched many lives throughout Boulder County at elementary schools also and Broomfield and Boulder high schools.

Dave found out about Dick being bed-bound with a stroke and gave me his business card, told me to call him at any time, and he would come over and watch him, pray with him and stay with him while I went to the grocery store or other errands.  I kept that card at Dick/s bedside. I looked at it many times over the five years Dick was bed-bound and could not speak. I cried and knew that there are good people present in our world!

This kind man touched my life, and for that reason I am writing this. Please consider voting for this man who touches lives in unwritten ways!

Maureen Christopher