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Letters to the editor: Stop misunderstanding Roe ruling; Eastman affair is wake-up call; GOP is not harmless; act on homelessness


Susan Gills: Roe v. Wade: Stop misunderstanding the ruling

Boulder citizens are highly educated; according to the 2020 census, 63% of county residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher. So, I would expect, they could read and understand the SCOTUS opinion themselves versus relying on others to learn the specifics of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Writers to this column appear to misunderstand the ruling. The court did not outlaw abortion. The opinion sends the issue of abortion back to the states. Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg felt the original Roe V. Wade “ventured too far in the change it ordered and presented an incomplete justification for its action.”

The ruling sends the decision on abortion back to the states and their legislatures to make laws regarding availability and viability for abortions. Please note, citizens of Colorado, this state’s legislature passed and the governor signed HB22-1279, which allows an abortion at any time during a pregnancy. During the discussion in the state house and senate, supporters of the bill commented that Colorado may be a destination for women seeking abortions, an abortion haven. So now Colorado will be known for our scenery, our skiing, hiking, marijuana and abortions.

Susan Gills


Robert Porath: CU: Eastman affair is a wake-up call

There has not been one “mea culpa” or “oops, our bad” from the University of Colorado in its attempts to elevate conservative scholarship with the selection on Mark Kennedy as president, nor of his choice of John Eastman to hold its Conservative Chair. The student body succeeded in ousting Kennedy over his neglect of student interests, and John Eastman is up to his neck in promoting Donald Trump’s wish to overturn his lost election and remain president. In his long tenure, Bruce Benson, with a strong resume of Republican fundraising behind him, introduced a corporate business model of constant expansion and rental income that strengthened the university’s economic footing, but somewhere along the line of conservative leadership, ethical oversight lost out to political ambition. The Eastman affair is a wake-up call that greater attention need be paid to the wayfaring intentions of higher education. A statement from the current President Todd Saliman is long overdue.

Robert Porath


Stan Gelb: GOP: Absurdity is anything but harmless

It has been claimed that the Democrats are destroying America.

Some people appear to think that elected officials determine the cost of gas. But they seem unaware that it’s the oil companies and many of America’s corporations that are now awash in record profits by fleecing all of us.

This blaming of the Democrats would be funny if the consequences of such ignorance weren’t so catastrophic. It’s GOP officials who are now working overtime to dismantle our democracy and to steal our freedoms, via their campaigns of lies and hate-mongering. A huge number of Republican politicians are devoted to promulgating the Big Lie of a stolen 2020 election. The 2020 election was officially pronounced as devoid of any significant impropriety by the federal cyber-security chief, all 50 secretaries of state and over 60 courts.

Alas, per a PoliticusUSA poll, a majority registered Republicans still believe the Big Lie. They’re choosing to believe the former White House occupant. That’s the White House occupant who, according to the Washington Post, told over 30,000 lies during his time in office. To believe him is literally the height of absurdity.

But such absurdity is anything but harmless. The French philosopher Voltaire warned us, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” And the GOP atrocities have commenced in plain sight. All across America GOP officials are attacking the LGBTQ community and women. The Texas GOP just approved a platform that attacks all non-Christians.

History shows that the Nazis did not start with mass murder. Instead, the Nazis started by declaring absurdities and then moved to genocide.

Those who can make you believe absurdities — like the Big Lie — can make you commit atrocities.

Stan Gelb


Michael Deragisch: Homelessness: Stop kicking the can

Clearly, Boulder has an abundance of citizens who have hearts full of compassion for those who are homeless.  We don’t want to see our fellow humans suffering from exposure or hunger.

Rather than fight the city on the camping ban, let’s put our energy into positive solutions and work together as individuals and agencies, governmental or NGO’s.

Should people be allowed to camp anywhere they please? No. Our public parks, bike paths and underpasses are not camping zones, rather they are places for all to enjoy.

Should Boulder designate a homeless camping zone? As an interim solution to this extensive and growing problem, yes. Where? Perhaps close to Stazio Fields. A designated camping zone would certainly have its problems, but it would also make it easier for helpful services to be delivered and received.

Rather than spending time and money on lawyers, groups such as the ACLU would be doing more good lining up a mobile shower unit and a sanitary way for those without other means to have a dignified place to go to the toilet.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to find suitable housing for everyone, health care for those who require it and mental health services for those who need them.

Since Ronald Regan was president, our country has kicked this can down the road. We are not going to solve this overnight. Each proposed and attempted solution is not going to be perfect. Ignoring the problem, or not enforcing the camping ban is just one kicking of the can.

Michael Deragisch