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Boulder police arrested two people while breaking up a large Fourth of July party on Monday night on University Hill.

According to a sergeant with the Boulder Police Department, one person was facing trespassing charges. The sergeant did not know what charges the second arrestee could face. The ages and genders of the arrested people were not available.

The sergeant said there was a large crowd at a house party in the 800 block of 17th Street that officers had a tough time dispersing. He confirmed no one was injured.

According to a 9:16 p.m. tweet from the department’s page, the crowd was jumping on cars, setting bushes on fire and setting off fireworks. The tweet also stated that some burglaries were reported.

While the tweet asked people to avoid the area, the party appeared to have been cleared by 10:20 p.m.

Details about the size of the crowd or the exact number or nature of the burglaries were not available.

This is a developing story.