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Letters to the editor: School prayer decision not perfect, but correct; Louisville project is positive affirmation; Dems have been taken over; holiness must come from humble place; Camera story brings gallery to life


Tom Chapin: Supreme Court: School prayer decision isn’t perfect, but it’s correct

The Supreme Court’s decision in Kennedy v. Bremerton School District was correct. C’mon, man, are you really going to pick a fight over praying at the end of a football game? Even though I could make a solid case that it violates Matthew 6:5, I could not make a similarly solid case that it violates the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment Establishment Clause.

When I was young, over time I began to believe that, wait a minute, this religion thing is a bunch of malarkey. Now that I’m old and dim, I understand some things that I didn’t when I was young and bright. One of those things is that God is one of man’s greatest creations.

Like it or not Christianity is synonymous with Western culture. As all human institutions tend to do, Christianity kind of gets off the rails from time to time; like it did starting in the 11th century with the Crusades. But hey, nobody’s perfect. Not even God. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Tom Chapin, Lyons

Julie Merrick: Youth corps: Community project is another positive affirmation

For two days, we watched youth from our community construct a wooden fence around an open space restoration area at Hecla Lake in Louisville. They did a fantastic job and it looks great!

The first morning we observed a team building exercise, instruction and then they were let loose to build it with just the right amount of oversight and supervision. These kids worked hard, had fun and showed such pride in their work. Witnessing this was another affirmation that this is such a great community in which to live, work and play.

So, thank you to those who participated in this project: the young people in the Boulder County Youth Corps and the Boulder County and Louisville Open Space staff. Good job!

Julie Merrick, Louisville 

Brent Bickel: Letters: It’s not the GOP that has been taken over

I am writing to correct a claim by Shirley Jin which appeared in the July 8th Camera. Her letter to the editor quotes the book “Democracy in Chains” that claims, “Very wealthy and powerful people in the U.S. are working to dominate the Country.” No argument there, but then she states, “They have gained control of the Republican party and now the U.S.” Republicans? Seriously?

Although I can write much more, I can debunk that claim within the space provided by focusing on the more than $400 million the Zuckerbergs funneled into government election offices during the 2020 election. In Wisconsin, which Biden only won by 20,600 votes, special counsel Michael Gableman’s investigation determined that $9 million given to Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha and Green Bay counties were used to co-opt government election offices into assisting Democrat get-out-the-vote efforts and amounted to bribery.

In my opinion, Jin’s corrected statement should read, “Very wealthy and powerful people in the U.S. are working to dominate the Country. They have gained control of the (anti) Democratic party and much of the U.S.”

Brent Bickel, Broomfield

Matt Nicodemus: Spirituality: Supreme holiness must come from humblest places

On July 8, the Camera ran on its Get Out! page a holy-wise-sounding quote from Amit Ray, who, I discovered via Google, is an Indian author and “spiritual master.”  Ray’s edu-inspirational expression: “Earth is the holiest place in the Universe, loving the earth, and loving life is the way to generate positive vibrations.”

I wonder, what survey of different places in the Universe did Amit Ray conduct to collect the data necessary to support his bold claim? Did he consult The Loneliest Planet guide to Holy Sites Everywhere? Did he astrally project to the heavens’ infinitude of x-y-z coordinates and make personal observations? Or did he send out a powerful signal beacon carrying a survey to which sentient beings with ability and lack of bias to judge the holiness of their locality could respond? Perhaps he simply sat in meditation and waited for the truth to bubble up from within, knowing that, as a master, he was drawing from the bottomless well of perfect knowledge he’d accumulated over myriad lifetimes of practice.

What I know is that we humans have this bad, bad habit of thinking our home and species are superior to those of other forms of life, a habit which leads us to believe we have license to invade, conquer and, when needed, destroy any less blessed and worthy life forms. That wholly deluded mindset generates not positive but highly toxic vibrations. If we can find supreme holiness in the humblest places, we can be true spiritual masters of ourselves.

Matt Nicodemus, Boulder

Ana Weir: Local art: Superb Camera story brings gallery to life

I wanted to send my thanks to Kalene McCort, Cliff Grassmick for the superb article and photographs about Ana’s Art Gallery. They captured the milieu here very well. Kalene is an articulate writer who made the essence of the story come alive in a bright and colorful way.

Cliff knew right away what he wanted to bring out. He is a nice, pleasant person and, like Kalene, very professional. I am grateful for the time and effort both put in and to the Camera for its continuing coverage of local artists and galleries.

Again, thank you all of you for such a great story.

Ana Weir, Boulder