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Bill DeOreo, a Republican running to represent Colorado House District 10. (Courtesy photo)
Bill DeOreo, a Republican running to represent Colorado House District 10. (Courtesy photo)

Bill DeOreo is running as the Republican candidate for House District 10, which encompasses Boulder and parts of unincorporated Boulder County.

DeOreo, a 50-year Boulder resident and a University of Colorado Boulder graduate, is a practicing water engineer with Aquacraft, LLC.

With a background in water- and energy-related problem solving, DeOreo argues he will be able to work to find practical solutions to problems people are facing. Further, he hopes to promote the state government as an ally to the people rather than an adversary or a predator, a news release notes.

According to the release, DeOreo supports policies such as advanced nuclear power as an eventual replacement for both fossil fuels and renewables.

“He will advocate (for) industry and jobs by reducing government regulations, such as lockdowns and mandates and the rule by fiat we saw during the (COVID) crisis,” the news release notes.

If elected, DeOreo said he would work to bring for an act that clarifies the emergency powers of the governor and state legislature.

He also would strive to nullify the Reproductive Rights Equity Act, which guarantees Coloradans abortion access, and would advocate for Colorado to file a lawsuit in conjunction with other states that demands the federal government only spend money that is appropriated by Congress.

Rep. Edie Hooton is currently serving the district and was unopposed as the Democratic nominee in the June primary. However, she has since withdrawn her candidacy, prompting the Boulder County Democratic Party to coordinate a vacancy committee to select Hooton’s replacement.

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