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Letters to the editor: Millions can’t fix cold showers at pool; vote for veterans, against GOP; Boulder should clean up creek


Amy Hollander: Public pools: After millions spent, showers are still cold

On August 3, 2022, I was delighted when the entrance staff at the City of Boulder’s Scott Carpenter Pool told me the women’s hot water was finally working after a summer of freezing showers, screaming children suffering the required rinse, and leaving the pool with the shivers. As I headed in after a hearty swim I was relieved that my trusted city, where I have paid taxes my entire life, had done its job and forced the contractor (who was paid $14.2 million) to fix the hot water boiler problem.

Instead, I let the water run for 10 minutes as I watched my own water conservation efforts swirl down the drain. Nothing but cold. I switch showers. Another 5 minutes and finally a lukewarm trickle, then warmer, then back to lukewarm. On my way out, the counter attendant said the showers are fixed, they will never get better, and Jason, who is a really great guy, has done his best. She also stated the City Council is not going to do anything if I write them. I said that although I’m sure Jason is a wonderful guy, but it doesn’t mean the contractor, Counsilman-Hunsaker, is not responsible for a failed design they were paid $14.2 million for.

Boulder did finally get a wonderful pool that has promised to stay open in the Spring and Fall. But ladies, you can count on running wet to your cars and go to work shivering in a dripping swimsuit on a chilly September morning. It is better than wasting 25 gallons for a cold rinse.

Amy Hollander, Boulder

Stan Gelb: Election: Vote for veterans by voting against GOP

Forty-one GOP senators last week blocked the PACT Act, which would have provided extra healthcare for veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits during their service. Forty-one GOP senators were willing to play political games with veterans who right now are sick and dying as a result of serving in our U.S. military. But the outrage against these uncaring GOP legislators was so huge that most of them quickly reversed course.

Alas, this despicable episode is business as usual for the GOP. For years the GOP has consistently betrayed our veterans. When the GOP forced a federal government shutdown, a Democrat introduced a bill to guarantee that our military personnel would still get paid and their families would still receive the promised death benefits. But the GOP leader blocked it.

GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert heckled President Biden about claimed inaction on veteran care. Yet she just voted against the PACT Act!

The list of bills for veterans’ well-being that were opposed by the GOP is too long to fit into this letter. But to name just a few from the last dozen years: H.R. 5059 Suicide Prevention Act (blocked for a year by a GOP senator in 2014), H.R. 466 Wounded Veterans Job Security Act, H.R. 1168 Veterans Retraining Act, and H.R. 1171 Homeless Veteran Reintegration.

The GOP former White House occupant viciously disparaged our veterans and troops, attempting to exclude wounded veterans from military parades. Much worse, the GOP former White House occupant actually denounced our deceased veterans as “losers” and “suckers.”

Veterans: Refuse to let the GOP treat you like trash. You can push back by voting against every GOP candidate. Everyone: Refuse to let the GOP treat our veterans like trash. Just vote against every GOP candidate.

Stan Gelb, Longmont

Margo Susanne Rankin: Litter: Boulder should clean up creek

I recently visited Fort Collins and walked many miles on the Cache-La Poudre River Trail. The river sparkled and I saw very little rubbish along the well-traveled paths.

Then I visited Boulder. I walked the Boulder Creek bike path from Central Park to Scott Carpenter and was horrified by the amount of garbage I saw in the creek. The various items included clothes, baby gear and a rotting ottoman in addition to a disturbing number of overflowing garbage bags, plastic bottles and litter from take-out food. When did Boulder Creek become a trash can?

I am a Colorado native who had the privilege of growing up in Boulder during the ’70s and ’80s. I spent countless hours walking, running and biking the Boulder Creek bike path, and I never saw anything like what I saw a few weeks ago.

Cheers to Fort Collins for respecting their river. Jeers to Boulder for trashing their creek. Clean it up, Boulder. You can do better.

Margo Susanne Rankin, Seattle, Washington