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Letters to the editor: Support libraries so they can support us; GOP is destroying our democracy; regulation might be cause of converter thefts


Laura Appelbaum: Library District: Support libraries so they can support us

As a girl, I spent hours in my local public library in Brooklyn, New York. I retreated there every evening to do my homework and read historical fiction and romance novels. I loved the library because it was air-conditioned, quiet and private. It was a safe and happy place for me. Every time I think of that library — or any library — I am filled with the same sense of peace and happiness.

I was fortunate to get a work-study job in my university library for all four years of college. It was a perfect match. I enjoyed the quiet yet stimulating environment. And in graduate school, I spent a lot of time in the library stacks doing research and writing. When I needed a break, I went to the reading room to relax and read for fun. The library was my safe harbor.

But my support for libraries goes beyond my nostalgia for the past. Libraries today fulfill a crucial role, and they do it despite the declining funds we’ve allocated to them from the city’s general fund. Over a million people visit our libraries each year, making them one of the busiest public spaces in all of Boulder. Myself and many of my friends are regular library users.

Libraries are public services, and they require investment. But ultimately, we make a value judgment when we decide we want to invest in those public services. Libraries are high on my list of priorities because libraries have long been a welcoming refuge where I can relax, learn and grow. I want everyone in my Boulder community to have that same opportunity. That’s why I strongly support the measure to create a library district for Boulder’s libraries. Please support our libraries so they can continue to support us.

Laura Appelbaum, Boulder

Philip Riffe: GOP: Party is working to destroy our democracy

I am registered as an unaffiliated voter. For most of my life, I have observed the tug of war between the two parties. Each side took a different approach, but the parties used to work together on problems such as growing our economy and fighting authoritarianism.

This is no longer true. Those who say, “Both parties are the same” are just not paying attention. The current Republican Party is no longer a party with ideas, it’s a personality cult. In order to preserve their power, the Republican Party is intent on destroying our democracy.

Republicans have mastered intentional hypocrisy, accusing others of exactly what they themselves are doing. Using the lie that the last election was stolen, they are busy setting up a system to steal the 2024 election. Dozens of Republican election deniers have won primaries for positions that have a role in the election certification process (governor, attorney general, secretary of state, senate and house members). I believe they plan to replace their state’s electors legitimately chosen by the voters with a set of electors of their choosing.

If they succeed, our democracy is dead. The November election is the most important in our history.

Those of us who value democracy must get involved, whether we are unaffiliated, Democrats, or true conservative Republicans. We far outnumber those who are trying to take our liberty.

What can we do? Volunteer for a Democratic candidate. Donate. At the very least, register and vote!

Philip Riffe, Hesperus

Dennis Frerichs: Catalytic converters: Emissions regulation might be cause of theft spike

Recently my employer had the catalytic converters stolen off one of our work vans. The cost is $2,600 just to buy the converters. This is the third time this has happened. All three from different vehicles and at different times. One other time it happened we had a vehicle in Colorado Springs for a weekend event and the converter was stolen while there. I see on the news recently that this seems to be a problem all across the state. The question is, why is this happening so much that it makes the news? Here is your answer.

A couple of years ago our Gov. Jared Polis decided that we should adopt California emissions regulation here in Colorado. All catalytic converters now have to be CARB certified. We can no longer buy an aftermarket catalytic converter from our favorite parts store or repair shop. Instead we are required to have only CARB-approved converters installed on our vehicles.

I have been a mechanic for over 40 years and have installed aftermarket converters on many vehicles as well as my own. I’ve never experienced any problems with them and have yet to have one fail an emissions test. The cost of the aftermarket converters is about one-fourth the price and works equally as well. If it has anything to do with the “precious metals” they contain, why is there no core charge for your old one?

It seems that our highly trained and experienced governor knows more about this than the rest of us. Maybe if we got rid of the law, we would get rid of the catalytic converter thefts. Just a thought.

Dennis Frerichs, Loveland