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 Prairie Mountain Media President and CEO Al Manzi.
Prairie Mountain Media President and CEO Al Manzi.

Dear valued reader:

The COVID pandemic hit the Colorado Daily harder than most publications. Its content and advertising were heavily reliant on local events and entertainment. That all stopped in March of 2020.

We made the decision to reduce the printing and distribution cycle to one day per week after COVID shut down the university, entertainment, restaurants and nearly all events.

While the impact of COVID has diminished, events have resumed and entertainment venues have reopened, the Colorado Daily has not recovered significantly. On top of COVID, the costs of paper, ink and production supplies used to produce the product have increased significantly. The Colorado Daily is no longer profitable and therefore this week will be our final publication.

Fortunately for readers and advertisers, Friday Magazine, which is published weekly in the Daily Camera and Longmont Times-Call, carries similar content and is produced by the same reporters and editor who have worked so hard to bring you the Colorado Daily. Editor Christy Fantz and our arts and entertainment reporter, Kalene McCort, will now focus their efforts on making Friday Magazine better than ever.

In addition, we plan to offer free distribution of special editions of Friday Magazine throughout the year at many of the same outlets where you picked up your copy of the Colorado Daily.

I am sure you will enjoy reading the content and advertising you have enjoyed in the Colorado Daily that will now be found in Friday Magazine.

We were fortunate to have two products that were very similar for so many years, but times and business conditions have changed.

Thanks for all your support,

Albert Manzi

President and CEO, Prairie Mountain Media