Extension Agent – Horticulture Entomology

Carol O Meara

Responsible for managing the Boulder County CO Master Gardener program; Answering questions on Home Horticulture; and promoting Extension and local program via various marketing outlets.

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I recently underwent a health assessment that involved a lengthy questionnaire on how I care for myself. It was part of a getting-acquainted process with a new medical company. Things went smoothly until the interviewer asked about any exercise I routinely do.  I said “gardening.”
Gardeners, gear up for our own version of Days of the Dead. Like the three days devoted to remembering and honoring departed loved ones, we focus on remembering the garden by clearing out and cleaning it up.
The growing season fills all of our spare time — we’re running full tilt, harvesting, weeding and watering; there’s blooms to pick, mulch to replenish and insects to fight off.