Extension Agent – Horticulture Entomology

Carol O Meara

Responsible for managing the Boulder County CO Master Gardener program; Answering questions on Home Horticulture; and promoting Extension and local program via various marketing outlets.

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If you look forward to perfect peppers, but are disappointed when they get sunburned, there aren’t as many, or they aren’t as big, chances are that sunlight is to blame. Solar intensity and high temperatures work against getting the most out of pepper crops. However, research on shading the peppers is casting light on the […]
Gardeners have an unusual take on things. One moment we’re in a frenzy of panic over aphids in the garden, while the next we’re shrugging off near total loss of plants due to weather. We’re not adjusting our medication; it’s just that some things we can’t control. Hail, for example. We’ve been luxuriating in a […]