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Charlie Brennan

Charlie Brennan is a 35-year Colorado news veteran, now covering environment, science, JonBenet Ramsey and more for the Boulder Daily Camera and Longmont Times-Call.

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A rockslide that occurred today following a scheduled blast on Colo. 119 as part of the ongoing Colorado Department of Transportation project in Boulder Canyon has caused the closure of the road through the evening. 
The political hurricane stemming from Sharpiegate, in which President Donald Trump reportedly used a black marker to alter a map of the potential path of Hurricane Dorian, has seen the outer bands of its turmoil reach Boulder.
As the Amazon burns at a rate higher than any year measured since 2010, the environmental crisis is being watched closely by researchers in Boulder, who have devoted years of study to the long-term implications of degradation to the planet’s forests, critical for their capacity to store carbon dioxide.