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In this column we dip our toes into little audio pools all over the place, touching on things that are applicable to most folks who may be reading the Daily.
I wasn’t ready for that snowstorm, even though we knew about it for a week and had tons of warning. And even though the first snow was late this year, and it’s going to be nice again in the next few days anyway. 
The year was 2014. It was a Thursday morning, if I recall correctly, and Billy Strings and his friend Don Julin were stopping by the Colorado Daily newsroom to record a few tunes for our Second Story Garage live music session videos. 
I saw more college and high school-aged people at Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in Denver this year than in any year previously that I’ve attended.
Rocky Mountain Audio Festival came and went, with hundreds of brands from around the world showing new or classic designs to thousands of hifi audio fans.