John Bear

John Bear is a freelance writer based out of Arvada.

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My name is Sally. I’m looking forward to heaven. I’m a shoe-in. I’ve lived a good life. I recycled and ate cage-free eggs.
Now that I’m a freelance writer and pastry maker who is branching out into organized crime, seems like a delightful way to waste time on a dark December afternoon in Colorado.
I watched 1987s “The Monster Squad” on Saturday night because I ran out of energy doing that three-hour-long-fruitless-slog-through-every-Roku-channel-until-I-cry-out-in-frustration death march I do every Saturday night. 
When I entered the professional world in 2006, the first newspaper that would have me paid a not-too-princely sum of $9.63 an hour plus mileage reimbursement.